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21.    Which of the following English films was the first one to be dubbed in Hindi?

  • A.   Aladdin
  • B.   Universal Soldier
  • C.   Speed
  • D.   Iron Man

Answer:    A

22.  Who wrote the book ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’?

  • A.   C.D.Deshmukh
  • B.   Dr. P.C.Alexander
  • C.   M.O.Mathai
  • D.   S.C.Rajagopalachari

Answer:    C

23. Aurobindo was the author of

  • A.   Discovery of India
  • B.   Hindu view of life
  • C.   Yogashastra
  • D.   Savitri

Answer:    D

24.  Which of the following is a biography of the Lady Mountbatten?

  • A.   Edwina Mountbatten – A Life of Her Own.
  • B.   Edwina Mountbatten – Her relationship with Nehru
  • C.   Mountbatten
  • D.   Edwina Mountbattten

Answer:    A

25. In which year was the ‘All India Radio’ set up?

  • A.   1936   
  • B.   1927
  • C.   1947   
  • D.   1950

Answer:    A

26.  Who directed the film ‘Sardar’?

  • A.   Das Gupta
  • B.   Shyam Benegal
  • C.   Tapan Sinha
  • D.   Ketan Mehta

Answer:    D

27. Who said “God helps those who help themselves”?

  • A.   Andre Maurois
  • B.   Andre Gide
  • C.   Algernon Sidney
  • D.   Swami Vivekananda

Answer:    C

28. The film ‘Salaam Bombay’ was directed by

  • A.   Shyam Benegal
  • B.   Mira Nair
  • C.   Aparna Sen
  • D.   Mrinal Sen

Answer:    B 

29.  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the famous TV serial is based on a book written by

  • A.   Father Discoste
  • B.   Thomas Hardy
  • C.   Charles Dickens
  • D.   Lewis Caroll

Answer:    D

30. The owner of Star TV is

  • A.   Rupert Murdoch
  • B.   Tata Group
  • C.   Richard Attenborough
  • D.   George Lucas

Answer:    A

31. ‘The Gathering Storm’ is written by

  • A.   Winston Churchill
  • B.   George Washington
  • C.   Voltaire
  • D.   Romain Rolland

Answer:    A

32. The television serial ‘Charitraheen’ is based on the famous novel of which of the following authors?

  • A.   Rabindranath Tagore
  • B.   Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaya
  • C.   Tara Sankar Bandhopadhya
  • D.   Bankim Chandra Chatterji

Answer:    B

33. The programme ‘Gyan Vani’ is broadcasted by

  • A.   Zee TV
  • B.   AIR
  • C.   Sony TV
  • D.   Doordarshan

Answer:    B

34. Who is the author of the book ‘My Experiments with Truth’?

  • A.   Mahatma Gandhi
  • B.   Michael Anderson
  • C.   Winston Churchill
  • D.   Jarnes Morris

Answer:    A


35. Who is the writer of ‘Swamy and Friends’?

  • A.   Munshi Premchand
  • B.   Raman
  • C.   Max Muller
  • D.   R. K. Narayan

Answer:    D

36.   ‘The Naked Face’, a very popular book is written by

  • A.  Dominique Lapierre
  • B.  Larry Collins
  • C.  Sidney Sheldon
  • D.  Juan Benet

Answer:   C

37. The author of controversial book ‘Lajja’ is a citizen of

  • A.  Pakistan  
  • B.  Indonesia
  • C.  Bangladesh  
  • D.  India

Answer:   C

38. The first history book was written by

  • A.  Euclid  
  • B.  Herodotus
  • C.  Aristotle  
  • D.  Julius Caesar

Answer:   B

39.  ‘A Secular Agenda’ is a book written by

  • A.  Arun Shourie
  • B.  Mani Shankar Aiyar
  • C.  Prem Shankar Jha
  • D.  M.J. Akbar

Answer:   A

40. In which language did ‘Dr. Masti Venkatesh Iyengar’ write?

  • A.  Malayalam  
  • B.  Tamil
  • C.  Telugu  
  • D.  Kannada

Answer:   D

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