Aircraft & Rocket Propulsion 2013 Question Paper


Aircraft & Rocket Propulsion 2013 Question Paper for BPUT M.Tech in Thermal Engineering is given below for download. This Aircraft And Rocket Propulsion question paper was asked in M.Tech 2nd semester Examination for 2013 admission batch. Here we have listed the short questions and you can download the full question paper from the below given link.

Aircraft & Rocket Propulsion 2013 Question Paper

Second Semester Examination 2013
Time: 3 Hours
Max marks: 70
Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

Q.1. Answer the following questions in brief: (2 x 10)

(a) What do you mean by air-breathing engine? Give four examples of air-breathing engine.

(b) Define ram efficiency.

(c) Define thrust coefficient for a rocket engine and write its formula in terms of thrust developed (Fr), pressure of combustion chamber (Pc ), and throat area (A*) of the nozzle.

(d) Write the expression for velocity co-efficient (c*) for a rocket motor in terms of the pressure of combustion chamber (Pc) and the throat area of the nozzle.

(e) Why the liquid propellant rocket engine produces low thrusts as compared that of a solid propellant rocket engine,

(f) In a liquid propellant rockets, what are different precautions taken to avoid the cavitations in the turbo-pumps.

(g) The stability of thrust produced by a solid propellant rocket engine is better that the liquid propellant rocket engine. Explain it.

(h) In aircraft gas turbine, why it is usually preferred to use convergent propelling nozzles over the use of convergent-divergent propelling nozzle.

(i) Draw the P-V diagram for a rocket engine.

(j) Define degree of reaction for an axial flow compressor.

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