Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion 2013 Question Paper


Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion 2013 Question Paper for BPUT M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering is given below. This Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion question paper was asked in the 2nd semester examination of Heat Power Engineering 2012 admission batch. Short question are given below, and the detail GTGP 2013 Pdf can be downloaded from the below given link.

Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion 2013 Question Paper

Second Semester Examination — 2013
Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion 2013
Time: 3 Hours
Max marks: 70
Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

1. Answer the followings: [2X10]

(i) The compressibility of a liquid is usually expressed in terms of bulk modulus of compression,

ß= ρ (dp/dρ) , show that c = ,where c =√(ß/ρ) is the velocity of sound.

(ii) Define propulsive efficiency (Froude efficiency)

(iii) Draw the P-V and T-S diagram of the basic cycle governing gas turbine propulsion.

(iv) What is surging in centrifugal air compressor?

(v) Explain the impotence of de Haller number in design of axial flow compressor. Write its limiting value for axial flow compressor.

(vi) Define flow co-efficient in axial flow compressor.

(vii) Define combustion intensity.

(viii) How impulse stage of turbine is defined?

(ix) Write four limiting factors in turbine design.

(x) Define momentum thrust and pressure thrust.

Q 2. 

(a) An axial flow compressor has an overall total head pressure ratio of 4.0 and mass flow rate 180 kg/min. If polytropic efficiency is 88% and the stagnation temperature rise per stage must-not exceed 25 degree C, calculate the number of stages required and the pressure ratio of first and last stage. Assume equal temperature rise in all stages.

(b) If the absolute velocity approaching the last rotor is 165 m/s at an angle of 20 degree C from the axial direction, the work done factor is 0.83, the velocity diagram is symmetrical and the mean diameter of the last rotor is 180 mm, compute the rotational speed and the length of the last stage rotor blade at inlet to the stage. Ambient conditions are 1.01 bar and 288 K.

Download GTGP 2013 Question Pdf

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