Object Oriented System Question Paper 2014


Object Oriented System Question Paper 2014 for BPUT M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is given below. This question paper was asked in the 1st sem examination of M.Tech CSE branch of admission batch 2014-16. Ypu can download the full question from the below given link.


1st Semester Regular/ Back Examination

Object Oriented System Question Paper 2014

Branch : Computer science & Engineering, Computer Science, IT
Time : 3 Hours
Max Marks : 70

Q1. Answer the following questions:

a) What do you mean by object-orientation? Explain the characteristics of OO approach.

b) What is meant by usecase realization?

c) What is meant by generalization set? Explain with an example.

d) What is meant by an abstract class? In a class diagram how is an abstract class depicted?

e) What is the difference between sequence diagram and collaboration diagram.

f) with proper example, explain about AND substate and OR substate in a state transition diagram.

g) What are gates in sequence diagram? What are entry and exit gates?

h) What is the importance of a Class Diagram?

i) “Many different abstractions of the same thing are possible” State whether above statement is TRUE or FALSE. Justify your answer.

j.) What is meant by the term “analysis”? How is it different from ” design”?

a) Define the purpose of following terms with suitable example and UML notations with respect to class model.
(i) Qualified association
(ii) Association class
(iii) Aggregation
(iv) Interfaces
(v) Packages.

b) Prepare a state transition diagram to depict the following:-
Simple digital watch has a display and two buttons to set it, the ‘A’ button and ‘B’ button. The watch has two modes of operation, ‘Display time’ and ‘set time’. In the ‘Display time’ mode, the watch displays hours and minutes, separated by a flashing colon. The ‘Set Time’ mode has two sub modes, ‘Set hours’ and ‘Set Minutes’. The ‘A’ button selects modes. Each time it is pressed the mode advances in the sequence: Display Time, Set Hours, Set Minutes, Display, etc. Within the sub modes, the ‘B’ button advances the hours or minutes once each time it is pressed.

a) Explain the purpose of activity diagram? In which situation activity diagram is not necessary? Explain the use of followings concepts for activity diagram: synchronization bar, swim lane, dynamic concurrency and sending-receiving signals.

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