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Strength of Materials MCQ


101. The maximum deflection of a cantilever beam of length l with a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length is (where W = wl)

Answer:  B

102.  The slenderness ratio is the ratio of

  • A. area of column to least radius of gyration
  • B. length of column to least radius of gyration
  • C. least radius of gyration to area of column
  • D. least radius of gyration to length of column

Answer:  B

103. When two shafts of same length, one of which is hollow, transmit equal torques and have equal maximum stress, then they should have equal

  • A. polar moment of inertia
  • B. polar modulus
  • C. diameter
  • D. angle of twist

Answer:  B

104. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, the maximum deflection lies at 

  • A.  from B
  • B.  from A
  • C.  from B
  • D.  from A

Answer:  C

105.  According to Euler’s column theory, the crippling load for a column of length (l) fixed at both ends is __________ the crippling load for a similar column hinged at both ends.

  • A. equal to
  • B. two times
  • C. four times
  • D. eight times

Answer:  C

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