Real Time System Question Paper 2014


Real Time System Question Paper 2014 for BPUT M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) , and Information Technology (IT) is given below. This questions paper was asked in 1st Sem Exam of M.Tech CSE and IT branch for 2014-16 admission batch. Download the question and prepare to score good rank.


1st Semester Regular/ Back Examination-2014

Real Time System Question Paper 2014

Branch : Computer science & Engineering, computer Science, IT
Time : 3 Hours
Max Marks : 70


Q1. Answer the following questions:

a) What is Task Criticality ? Why is it important to consider task cricality while designing Fault tolerant system ?

b) What are the various methods used to achieve hardware fault tolerance ?

c) Differentiate between simple priority inversion and unbounded priority inversion ?

d) What are the two main purpose of using clocks in distributed real time system?

e) Differentiate between byzantine clock and bad clock.

f) What are the activities performed by handler routine when a clock interrupt occurs?

g) What are the various real time priority levels associated with UNIX based RTOS?

i) What is tridimensional measure? How it is calculated?

j) Define absolute validity and relative consistency in the context of temporal consistency of data. Write the condition for both.

a) What is the difference between performance constraint and behavioral constrain ? Describe the various types of timing constrains with suitable example.

b) Explain the operation of priority ceiling protocol in sharing critical resources among real time task. Explain different types of priority invesions that a task might suffer due to lower priority task when the PCP is used to share critical resources among a set of real task.

a) Explain the conditions fo a set of periodic real time task to be schedulable under EDF and RMA. Prove that a set of periodic real time task is RMA schedulabe under any task phasing, if all the tasks met their respective first deadlines under zero phasing.

b) What is synthetic benchmark ? Discuss the parameters used in Rhealstone metric for benchmarking the Real-Time Systems.

a) Why traditional UNIX kernel is not suitable to be used in a multiprocessor environment ? Explain how Unix dynamically recomputes task priority values.

b) Explain how interrupts are handled in Wndows NT. How the interrupt processing scheme of Windows NT makes it unsuitable for hard real time applications.

a) What do you understand by QoS Routing ? What are the different QoS constraints that are considered during QoS routing ? Explain different types of QoS routing Algorithms?

b) Describe two bounded access protocols that support real time communication in LAN.

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