OTET 2014 Paper-2 Child Development And Pedagogy Questions


OTET 2014 Paper-2 Child Development And Pedagogy Questions are given below. These 30 questions were asked from Child Development And Pedagogy Subject in Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test 2014 Paper-II Exam . Each question carries 1 mark. Total 30 questions, full mark is 30.

 OTET 2014 Paper-2

Child Development And Pedagogy Questions


1. Which is a factor of insightful Learning

  1. Problem solved by insight is remembered for a long period
  2. Insightful learning is more effective than trial and error learning
  3. Insight is useful for problem solving
  4. All of the above

2. The mean age of 20 children of a class is 12. A 10 year old child left the class and a new chil took admission. What is the age of the new child in years?

  1. 14.5
  2. 14
  3. 13
  4. 12.5

3. Which statement refers to evaluation ?

  1. The child stood first securing 94.5% marks
  2. Area of the house is 1200 square feet.
  3. The car is running at a speed of 80 Kms per hour.
  4. Binay completed 100 metre race in 12 seconds.

4. “When one is audience in a meeting claps, others also start clapping” is an example of which type of imitation?

  1. Sympathetic
  2. Unconsious
  3. Delibrate
  4. Ideo-motor

5. Which is not the reason for plateaus in learning ?

  1. Content difficulty
  2. Utilizing more time for learning
  3. Lack of rest
  4. Ineffective learning method

6. At the beginning of teaching a lesson, some questions are asked. This is based on which law of learning ?

  1. Effect
  2. Practice
  3. Readiness
  4. Use

7. (i) All positive emotions are always good.

    (ii) All negative emotions are always bad

  1. (i) is correct and (ii) is  wrong
  2. (ii) is correct and (i) is  wrong
  3. Both (i) and (ii) are correct
  4. Both (i) and (ii) are wrong


9.Which is not appropriate for cognitive development of the learner at initial stage of learning ?

  1. Explanation
  2. Classification
  3. Differentiation
  4. Spatial reasoning

10. Visually impaired learners belong to which category of disability group ?

  1. Mentally handicapped
  2. Economically handicapped
  3. Socially handicapped
  4. None of the above

11. Which is different from other three from evaluation point of view ?

  1. Rating scale
  2. Progress card
  3. Check list
  4. Questionnaire

12. According to Piaget, cognitive development takes place in which group of learners t the concrete operational stage ?

  1. Pre-Primary
  2. Primary
  3. Higher-Secondary
  4. All of the above

13. A teacher emphasis on visual writing while teaching in class I. which type of development does it aim at ?

  1. Mental
  2. Sensory-motor
  3. Intellectual
  4. Emotional

14. Which characteristic is seen among backward learners ?

  1. Ability to analyse
  2. Objective based behaviour
  3. Desire for vocation of repute
  4. Inability to express ideas

15. What is the meaning of learners social development ?

  1. Development of social behavior
  2. Development of society
  3. Development of the individual
  4. Development of the community

16. Which characteristic is not an indicator of creativity ?

  1. Originality in thinking
  2. Convergent thinking
  3. Fluency
  4. Flexibility

17. By which method a gifted child can be identified ?

  1. Interview
  2. Intelligence testing
  3. Diagnostic testing
  4. Attitude testing

18. “Natural response to a stimulus can be connected to an unconditioned stimulus”- Who experimented it first ?

  1. Pavlov
  2. Thorndike
  3. Galton
  4. Kohler

19. Which is an external motivation ?

  1. Thirst for knowledge
  2. Achievement
  3. Self esteem
  4. Praise

20. Which is the first step of Mastery Learning ?

  1. Determining the level of mastery
  2. Teaching for mastery
  3. Defining mastery
  4. Planning for attaining mastery

21. Which statement on development is correct ?

  1. Development does not take place after the age of 20 to 22 years in case of boys.
  2. Development stops at maturity
  3. Development declines after the age of 40.
  4. Development continues till death

22. At what stage of development, thee child tries to draw the attention of others towards his own work ?

  1. Infancy
  2. Early childhood
  3. Later childhood
  4. Pre-adolescence

23. Which statement shows correct relationship between Mean, Median and Mode of a Normal Probability Curve ?

  1. 2 Mode = Median + Mean
  2. 2 Median = Mean + Mode
  3. 2 Mean = Median + Mode
  4. All of the above

24. “Intelligence is the ability to carry on abstract thinking “- whose opinion is it ?

  1. Terman
  2. Binet
  3. Thorndike
  4. Galton

25. Which statement on intelligence is correct ?

  1. Intelligence increases from birth to death
  2. Intelligence delops by the influence of environment
  3. Intelligence refers to specific ability.
  4. Intelligence has no correlation with learning process.

26. “Education is a tri-polar process”. What are the three poles?

  1. Learner, Teacher and Society
  2. Learner, Teacher and School
  3. Learner, Teacher and Book
  4. Learner, Society and School

27. Which is the correct order for preparing an achievement test ?

  1. Identify objective, selection of content, preparation of blue print and writing test items.
  2. Preparation of blue print, identifying objective, selection of content and writing test items.
  3. Identifying objectives, preparation of blue print, selection of content and writing test items.
  4. Selection of content, identifying objectives, preparation of blue print and writing test items.

28. A teacher prepared a test in science and administered it to a group of students. He then administered a standardized test to the same group. The co-efficient of correlation (r) between the two sets of marks so obtained was + 0.82. What does it indicate about the teacher-made test ?

  1. The test is valid.
  2. The test is reliable but not valid.
  3.  The test is objective.
  4. The test is valid but not reliable.

 29. What is there in a blue-print ?

  1. Relative weightage to the objectives
  2. Relative weightage to the content
  3. Relative weightage to type of questions
  4. All of the above

30. Which is correct from mastery learning point of view ?

  1. Equal learning objectives for all the learners.
  2. Method of teaching is equal for all the learners.
  3. Rate of learning is equal for all the learners.
  4. Learning time is equal for all the learners.

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