OTET 2012 Paper-2 English Question Paper


OTET 2012 Paper-2 English Question Paper is given below. OTET Paper -II of 2012 contains these 30 multiple choice questions. Read these questions and prepare accordingly for the OTET Exam.

OTET 2012 Paper-2 English Question Paper


61. The diagnostic tests help the teacher :

  • (A) To understand the learner
  • (B) To know the learners’ achievement
  • (C) To know teaching-learning weakness
  • (D) To measure the I.Q. of the child

62. Conversation chart is used by the teacher because it develops :

  • (A) Spoken skills
  • (B) Vocabulary
  • (C) Reading skill
  • (D) Thinking skill

63. With a view to making a language learning more effective, the learner should start learning

the skills in the following order :

  • (A) Reading, writing, speaking, listening
  • (B) Reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • (C) Writing, reading, listening, speaking
  • (D) Listening, speaking, reading, writing

64. The teaching of grammar in elementary and secondary stage should aim at :

  • (A) Giving rules
  • (B) Writing correctly
  • (C) -Language skills and functions
  • (D)) Speaking correctly

65. In teaching of English the term “Exposition” is related with :

  • (A) Recapitulation
  • (B) Presentation
  • (C) Comprehension
  • (D) Application

66. Students need to ‘brain storm’ ideas, organize them, draft, edit and revise their work in a process, which reflects

  • (A) Reading skill
  • (B) Listening skill
  • (C) Writing skill
  • (D) Speaking skill

67. The spoken skill out of four Macro in a language teaching can be developed through :

  • (A) Engaging in small talk as confident aggressive learners
  • (B) Emotionally connecting with learners
  • (C) Enabling activities with a focus on conversation skills leading to communicative competence
  • (D) Group activities where learners can talk in which language they would like to

68. In which year the SCERT, Odisha prepared the State Curriculum Framework ?

  • (A) 2004
  • (B) 2005
  • (C) 2006
  • (D) 2007

69. Evaluation of learners’ language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing should be made by :

  • (A) Term end evaluation
  • (B) Month end evaluation
  • (C) Unit end evaluation
  • (D) Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

70. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 stipulates that learning should be

  • (A) Restricted to co-scholastic subject
  • (B) Through activities in a child-friendly manner
  • (C) Carefully monitored by frequent testing
  • (D) Supported by extra coaching

Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions choosing the correct alternatives (Q. No. 71 to 75) :

Albert Einstein was in the United States on a lecture tour when Hitler came to power. His friends knew he would not be allowed to continue his work in Germany — and they urged him not to return there. Einstein became a special hate of the Nazis. He decided to remain in America and accepted a position with the Institute for advanced study of Princeton, NJ. In 1940 Einstein became an American citizen. Einstein never dreamed that his formula published in 1905 would some day be applied to the making of the atomic bomb. In late  1930’s scientists learned that the Nazis were working all-out to develop such a bomb. These scientists appealed to Einstein. They urged him to write to President Roosevelt asking him to set up a great secret project to work on the atomic bomb. Einstein bent over his desk and began writing to Roosevelt one of the most important letters in American history. And not very long after, with the greatest possible secrecy, the United States began work on the atomic bomb.

71. Albert Einstein became an American citizen as :

  • (A) He loved America
  • (B) He loved the Advanced study at Princeton, NJ
  • (C) His family moved toAmerica
  • (D) He was a special hate of the Nazis

72. Albert went to America :

  • (A) To meet President Roosevelt
  • (B) To make Atomic Bomb
  • (C) On a lecture tour
  • (D) To become an American citizen

73. Einstein’s important letter to President Roosevelt was to :

  • (A) Start a war against Hitler
  • (B) Accept American citizenship
  • (C) Allow him to set up a project on atomic bomb
  • (D) Express his gratitude to him

74. His formula published in was applied

  • (A) 1930
  • (B) 1940
  • (C) 1945
  • (D) 1905

75. Albert became an American citizen. The underlined noun phrase is a/an :

  • (A) Object
  • (B) Subject
  • (C) Complement
  • (D) Adjunct

Read the poem carefully and answer the questions choosing the correct alternatives given (Q. No. 76 to 80) :

What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare ?

No time to stand beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,

Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad day light,

Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,

And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can

Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.

76. The poet describes our life very poor as :

  • (A) We have no money
  • (B) We can’t have enough food
  • (C) We fail to enjoy nature for lack of time
  • (D) We fail to talk to our friends for lack of time

77. Streams look full of stars :

  • (A) At night
  • (B) In broad day light
  • (C) In the evening
  • (D) In the morning

78. The smile begins on nature’s

  • (A) Lips
  • (B) Teeth
  • (C) Eyes
  • (D) Chin

79. The word ‘stare’used in the poem means :

  • (A) Look angrily
  • (B) Look fixedly
  • (C) Look fearfully
  • (D) Look in a very short time

80. In the line ‘what is this life if, full of care ‘ the word ‘what ‘ is a/an :

  • (A) Noun
  • (B) Pronoun
  • (C). Adjective
  • (D) Adverb

Fill in the gaps by choosing the correct alternatives given (Q. Nos. 81 to 90) :

81. My friend Mr. Madan Mohan Mohanty has presented me a…………..watch on my

  • (A) new gold Mee
  • (B) gold new nice
  • (C) nice gold new
  • (D) nice new gold

I am vexed. My bicycle (always)……….me troubles.

  • (A) gives
  • (B) is giving
  • (C) gave
  • (D) has given

83. The passive of ‘Her behavior surprised me” is

  • (A) I was surprised by her behavior
  • (B) I was surprised for her behavior
  • (C) I was surprised at her behavior
  • (D) I was surprised in her behavior

84. The indirect speech of Raman Says I may sit for the OAS Exam. this year.”

  • (A) Raman said that he might sit for the OAS Exam. that year.
  • (B) Raman said that he might sit for the OAS Exam. this year.
  • (C) Raman says that he might sit for the OAS Exam. that year.
  • (D) Raman says that he may sit for the OAS Exam. this year.

85. John’s sister Miss Jill is studying in……..University in the USA at present.

  • (A) a
  • (B) an
  • (C) the
  • (D) no article

86. Which of the following sentences is right ?

  • (A) Hello, are you tine ?
  • (B) Hello, Are you fine ?
  • (C) Hello ! Are you fine ?
  • (D) Hello ! are you fine ?

87. Amit, Mr. Mohapatra’s son, had better——- Football

  1. Play
  2. to Play
  3. Played
  4. Playing

88. ‘My hands are full’ means:

  1. I am having losts of things to carry
  2. I am having lot of money
  3. I am very busy
  4. I am anxious

89. The bomb blast mutilated the bodies of victims.

here the underlined word means

  1. Annihilated
  2. Demolished
  3. Mangled
  4. Dismantled

90. After being caught committing fogery the man was put behimd bars. The ‘put behimd bars’ means

  1. Arrested
  2. Imprisoned
  3. Restrained
  4. Exiled


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