OPSC AEE Electrical Question Paper – Assistant Executive Engineer


OPSC AEE Electrical Question Paper – Assistant Executive Engineer is given below for download . This question paper was asked in 2015-16 examination. Candidates can prepare this Previous Year Question Paper for Assistant Executive Engineer in Electrical Engineering examination. OPSC AEE Electrical Exam is conducted in two papers that is Electrical Engineering Paper-I and Electrical Engineering Paper-II. Here we have provided the direct link to download the previous AEE Electrical Questions. Some sample questions are also given.

OPSC AEE Electrical Question Paper Download :

OPSC AEE Electrical Exam has two question paper.

  1. Paper-I – Electrical Engineering  : This paper contains 90 number of multiple choice questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Time duration of the examination is 3 Hours.
  2. Paper-II – Electrical Engineering : It is also contains 90 number of multiple choice questions. Each question carries 2 Marks and the time duration is 3 Hours. Questions in this paper are asked from all the electrical subject of Engineering Syllabus.

We have provided some sample questions from each paper. You can see it. Also you can download the full question paper from the below given links

Electrical Engineering Paper-I  View Questions Paper


Electrical Engineering Paper – II View Question Paper



OPSC Assistant Executive Engineer Electrical Engineering

Question Sample: 




1. Which of the following trees yields hard wood ?

  1. Deodar
  2. Chir
  3. Shishum
  4. Pine

2. Distemper is used to coat ;

  1. External concrete surface
  2. Interior surfaces not exposed to weather
  3. Wood work
  4. Compound walls

3. In a concrete mix of 1 : 2 4, one part is :

  1. Water
  2. Cement
  3. Sand
  4. Coarse aggregate

4. Granite is not suitable for ordinary building purpose because :

  1. It can not be polished
  2. It is not a fire proof material
  3. It is costty
  4. t has less crushing strength

5. Seasoning of timber is required to :

  1. Soften the timber
  2. Harden the timber
  3. Straighten the timber
  4. Remove sap from the timber

6. The distance between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar approximately 25 km. In a map drawn in 1 : 100 000. this distance will be

  1. 25 cm
  2. 2.5 cm
  3. 250 cm
  4. 0.25 cm

7. A circular plate with 30 cm diameter is resting on HP with an angle 60 degree with HP and perpendicular to VP. The top view of the plate is

  1. An ellipse with major axis 30cm and minor axis 15 cm
  2. An ellipse with major axis 60 cm and minor axis 30 cm
  3. A circle of diameter 15 cm
  4. A circle of diameter 60 cm

8. In third angle projection

  1. Top view comes above xy and front view comes below xy
  2. Top view comes below xy and front view comes above xy
  3. Both top and front view come below xy
  4. Both top and front view come above xy

9 Drafting machine is a combination of :

  1. T-square and set-square
  2. T-square. set-square and scale
  3. T-square, set-square, scale and protractor
  4. T-square and scale

10. Invisible features of an object are shown by :

  1. Chain line
  2. Continuous thin line
  3. Coranuous thick line
  4. Dotted line


Electrical Engineering


1. In a series RLC Circuit, the rms value of voltage across the resister is 30 V, across the inductor is 60 V and across the capacitor is 20 V. the rms supply voltage would be :

  1. 110 V
  2. 10 V
  3. 220 V
  4. 50 V

2. Production of heat due to electric current is related to :

  1. Ohm’s Law
  2. Joules’s Law
  3. Kelvin Law
  4. Maxwell’s Law

3. What would be the impedance of a circuit having resistance of 3 ohms, inductive reactance 0f 8 ohms and capacitive reactance of 4 ohms ?

  1. 15 ohm
  2. 5 ohm
  3. 0.5 Ohm
  4. 10 Ohm

4. In two-wattmeter method of power measurement, if one wattmeter shows negative reading, then the power factor of the circuit is trated as :

  1. Unity
  2. Lagging
  3. Leading
  4. Zero

5. The phenomena of creeping occurs in

  1. Ammeter
  2. Voltmeter
  3. Wattmeter
  4. Energy Meter

6. An electro-dynamic wattmeter is not considered suitable for low power factor circuit because of

  1. Inductance of voltage coil
  2. Reactance of current coil
  3. Power loss in voltage coil
  4. Power loss in current coil

7. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is

  1. Zero
  2. Infinity
  3. A finite value
  4. None of the above

8. Whice of the following insulator is used for high frequesncy applications ?

  1. Stealite
  2. Forsterite
  3. Bakelite
  4. Porcelain

9. What would be the time taken by the current to reach half of its final value in a coil having R=10 ohm and L=10 H whan a D.C voltage of 100 V is applied

  1. 0.69 sec
  2. 6.9 sec
  3. 0.5 sec
  4. 5.2 m.sec

10. Which of the following is not a non linear element ?

  1. Diode
  2. Transistor
  3. Heater Coil
  4. None of the above

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