Internal Combustion Engine Question Paper 2013


Internal Combustion Engine Question Paper 2013 for BPUT M.Tech 1st Semester Mechanical Engineering Branch is given below. This IC Engine question paper was asked in BPUT M.Tech Mechanical Engineering Exam of 2013015 admission batch. Prescribed book for this paper is IC Engine By V. Ganesan.


First Semester Examination – 2013

Internal Combustion Engine Question Paper 2013

Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 70
Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

Q1. Answer the following questions:

a) What do you mean by multifuel and dual fuel? Give two examples.

b) Differentiate between Octane and Cetane number.

c) Draw and mention the three stages of combustion phenomenon in SI engine.

d) Name four the factors which affect the process of carboration?

e) List a few anti knock agents commonly used to petrol.

f) What do you mean by stratification?

g) What are the best metals for catalytic converter?.

h) Compare the efficiency of Otto with Diesel cycle on the basis of same

compression ratio and same maximum pressure.

i) What is the value of A/F at sea when A/F at as altitude is 8 and density at altitude and sea level are 0.7 and 1kg/m3 respectively?

j) Why a rich mbairgis required for maximum power?

Q2. a) With the aid of a schematic diagram, explain the combustion process In a Cl engine.

b) Explain the factors affecting the delay period in C.I. engines and summarize those

Q3.a) With a neat sketch, explain the working of a Wankel rotary engine.

b) Explain supercharging. Describe different approaches of supercharging.

Q4. a) Specify the main emissions from a multi cylinder passenger car CI engine. How is the air fuel ratio controlled so as to reduce emissions?

b) What is a driving cycle? Discuss its significance with regard to emissions_.

Q5. a) Explain the fuel spray behavior and structure of diesel fuel.
b) With diagrams, explain the various types of air motion created in CI engine
combustion chambers.

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