Advanced Heat Transfer-1 Question Paper 2013


Advanced Heat Transfer-1 Question Paper 2013 for BPUT M.Tech in Thermal Engineering 1st Sem is given below. This AHT-1 question was asked in M.Tech 1st sem exam. of 2013-15 admission batch. The best book for Advanced Heat Transfer-1 subject is Mahesh Rathode of Laxmi Publication.


First Semester Examination – 2013

Advanced Heat Transfer-1 Question Paper 2013

Time: 3 Hours
Max Marks: 70
Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

Q1. Answer the following questions:

(a) Differentiate between thermodynamics and heat transfer.

b) What are Fourier and Biot numbers?

c) State the assumptions on which Fourier’s law is based.

d) What is log mean area as applied to hollow cylinder?

e) Describe efficiency and effectiveness of fin.

f) Why thermal conductivity of metals higher than that of fluids?

g) Define thermal conductance and thermal resistance.

h) State Lambert’s cosine law.

i) Differentiate between irradiation and radiosity.

j) What do you mean by participating media? Give examples.

a) Explain the “Relaxation Method” in solving two dimensional heat conduction problems.
b) The inside dimensions of a furnace are 3 m x 2.5 m x 2 m. The walls are 0.2 m thick and have thermal conductivity of 1.3 w/m°C. If the temperatures at the inner and outer surfaces are 300°C and 100°C respectively, calculate the rate of heat loss.
a) Derive an expression for the shape factor in case of radiation between two surfaces.
b) What is a radiation shield? Derive the expression for heat transfer through “n “number of shields between two plates.

a) Define the following terms:
(i) Total emissive power (E).
(ii) Monochromatic emissive power
(iii) Emissivity.
(iv) Intensity of radiation

b) Give a short note on Solar radiation on earth’s atmosphere.

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