Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Question Paper 2014


Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Question Paper 2014 is given below. This questions was asked in the M.Tech Mechanical Engineering 2nd Semester Exam of BPUT . The prescribed book for Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Paper is “Thermodynamic” by PK Nag (TMH Publication).

Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics Question Paper 2014 

 2nd Semester Regular/Back Examination 2014



Time: 3 Hours, Max Marks: 70

Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.


Q1 Answer the following questions:
a) When the Cp of a substance is equal with Cv?

b) State Gouy- Stodola theorem of irreversibility

c) What is adiabatic flame temperature and why we study it?

d) Prove Slope of Isochoric process is more than Isobaric process on TS Plot

e) Can a irreversible process be isentropic.

f) What is second law efficiency and its application in thermodynamics?

g) Explain how degree of freedom is defined by using phase rule for non-reacting system.

h) Define compressibility factor.

i) Define Thermodynamic Probability in relation to entropy.

j) What do you mean by equipartition of energy?

Q2 If U=f(T,V) and h=f(T,P), K= thermal expansivity, β= volume expansivity.

By using Maxwell’s relation Prove that

a) dU = CvdT +( Tβ/K  -p ) dv

b) dH = CpdT + V(1 — βT)dp

Q3  One kilo mole of carbon at 25°C and 0.1 MPa Pressure reacts with 1kmol of oxygen at 25°C and 0.1 MPa Pressure to form an equilibrium mixture of CO2, CO and O2 at 3000 K, 0.1 MPa Pressure, in a steady state process. Determine the equilibrium composition and the heat transfer for this process.

Q4  a) Is Entropy generation is a property? Justify your answer

b) 80 kg of water at 100°C are mixed with 50 kg of water at 60°C, while the temperature of the surroundings is 15°C. Determine the decrease in available energy due to mixing.

Q5  a) State and explain the Duhem’s theorem. What is its significance in

establishing the state of the System?

b) Show that for equilibrium between phases of a pure substance the fugacities in both phases should be equal

Q6     a) Derive the Classius-Clapeyron equation

b) Estimate the saturation pressure of refrigerant-134a at -45°C

  • Temp- Pressure       vf                   vg        hf       hfg          hg                sf         sf           sg
  • -40      51.2      0.0007054       0.3611      0.00     225.86  225.86       0.0000  0.9687    0.960
  • 20      571.7    0.0008161         0.0360       79.32    182.28   261.6     0.3006   0.6218   0.92241

Q7 a) Using the formulation of irreversible thermodynamics, write the equations for two coupled transport processes. Describe onsager’s criterian on how to choose appropriate forces and fluxes.

b) Explain Onsager’s reciprocal relation.

Q8 Write Short Notes (Any Two)

a) Exergy Vs. Energy

c) Fermi Dirac and Bose — Einstein statistics

d) Joule- Thomson Coefficient

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