Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics 2013 Question Paper


Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics 2013 Question Paper for M.Tech in Thermal Engineering from BPUT university is given below. This Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics question was asked in the 2nd semester examination of 2011-14 admission batch. Short questions and the full pdf question is given below for download.

Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics 2013 Question Paper

Second Semester Examination 2013
Time: 3 Hours
Max marks: 70
Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

Q1. Answer the following questions: (2 x 10)

a) Define isothermal compressibility and volume expansivity.

b) Write down the Maxwell’s equations

c) What is the compressibility factor?

d) What are the viral coefficients? When do they become zero?

e) What is heat of reaction?

f) Define adiabatic flame temperature.

g) Explain thermochemical exergy and chemical energy.

h) For a given T2, show that COP of a refrigerator increases as T1 decreases.

i) How can a heat pump upgrade low glade waste heat.

j) Under what conditions SFEE does the SFEE reduce to Euler’s equatior

02. Two kg of air at 500kPa, 80°C expands adiabatically in a closed system until its volume is doubled  and its temperature becomes equal to that of surroundings which is at 100kPa, 5°C. for this process, determine

(i) the maximum work (ii) the change in the availability (iii) irreversibility

Download full question in pdf

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