Advanced Computer Architecture Question Paper 2014


Advanced Computer Architecture Question Paper 2014 for BPUT M.Tech 1st Computer Science & Engineering , Information Technology Branch is given below for download. This question paper was asked in first semester exam. of CSE and IT students of 2014-16 admission batch. Read below for more details.


1st Semester Regular/ Back Examination-2014

Advanced Computer Architecture Question Paper 2014

Branch : Computer science & Engineering, Computer Science, IT
Time : 3 Hours
Max Marks : 70

Q1. Answer the following questions:

a) What do you mean by Temporal locality of reference?

b) What are the functions of following registers?
IP, SP, MAR, Base Register

c) What are the functions of Auxiliary carry flag? Explain with example.
d) What do you mean by Address space?

e) What is Bisection width of an interconnection network?

f) What do you mean by Distributed memory system?

g) What type of Control unit is used in RISC processor?

h) How width of the Address bus is decided?

i) State Amdahl’s law and explain.

j) What are the writing policies of Cache? Explain with diagram.

a) What is Bus? What are the types of Buses used in computer system? Justify their direction.
b) What is Nested subroutine? How Stack is used for return address? Explain with diagram.

a) What is Super scalar architecture? Is it faster than Super pipeline architecture? Draw a Time-Space diagram for comparison.
b) What do you mean by Speed-Up of pipeline? Derive equations of Speed-Up and Efficiency for Pipeline, Super pipeline and Super scalar architecture.

a) What do you mean by Cache coherence? What are the different Coherence mechanism and explain each.
b) What is interconnection network? Draw a Butterfly network and explain the communication mechanism.

Q5. Distinguish and Differentiate.
a) Array processor Vs. Vector processor
b) Static interconnection network Vs. Dynamic interconnection network

Q6. Justify your answer.

a) Whether loosely coupled multiprocessor is multicomputer?
b) Whether RISC processor is better than CISC processor?

a) What do you mean by Performance of a system? How it is measured?
b) What is virtual memory? How a logical address is mapped to physical address in virtual concept? Explain with example and diagram.

Q8. Write Short Notes
a) Cluster computer
b) VLIW architecture

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